The Inspiration Behind Rafiki's Costume Design

For almost two decades, Disney's The Lion King, currently housed at the Minskoff Theatre, has been a must-see among Broadway productions. With 11 nominations, the musical was honored with six Tony Awards in 1998, including Best Musical. The production swept the Tony Awards for design, including Best Scenic Design by Richard Hudson, Best Costume Design by Julie Taymor and Michael Curry, and Best Lighting Design by Donald Holder. Taymor, who also won Best Direction of a Musical, worked closely with Curry to design the vibrant and creative costumes, masks, and puppets. In this video from Disney, discover the cultural and artistic elements that inspired the costume anatomy of character Rafiki. Taymor veered away from the iconic film's plot and designed Rafiki as a strong female character instead of as the film's male counterpart.

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