I Do Believe In The Magic Of Technology

I Do Believe In The Magic Of Technology

Technology is a magical thing. It is the key to simulating the real-time magic of Neverland for NBC's three-hour broadcast of Peter Pan Live! directed and choreographed by Rob Ashford

According to The New York Times, this production has ten times the amount of technical components as last year's The Sound Of Music Live! Peter's misbehaving shadow is a computerized projection, while Tinker Bell is a live, computer generated, and characteristically sassy pixie.

The studio also has an intricate network of rigs and harnesses to fly multiple actors - an absolute must for this particular story. When Peter first teaches the Darling children to fly, the nursery separates as the harnessed actors fly out over London and enter Neverland.

Production designer, Derek McLane says that designing Neverland was one of his greatest challenges. A giant treasure map acts as the floor, and 3D objects, such as giant flowers, loom up out of it. There is a mermaid lagoon and pirate ship, as well as the Lost Boys' hideout, complete with books for a staircase. 

Instead of the usual open room, proscenium arrangement, the production uses four-wall sets to provide more dynamic camera movement. While aboard the pirate ship, dancing actors will have to be careful to dodge the Steadicam operators and cranes needed to record the musical on its 360-degree sets. 

Think happy thoughts and believe ("I do believe! I do, I do!") in the creative and technical proficiency of Team Pan that the live production will play out beautifully.

Adapted from the 1954 Broadway version of J.M. Barrie's play, Peter Pan Live! will air on Thursday, December 4, 8pm eastern time, and 7pm central time.

For the full article, visit The New York Times

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