How I Did That: A Lens-Less Solution


Our client, Evangelical Free Church of Naperville, IL, built an Easter set and was doing a dramatic resurrection reenactment from the onstage tomb. In concept, we investigated using HMI Fresnels, BigLites, and Syncrolites. We decided that, due to our size limitations, we were going to have to rely on a smaller unit to get the punch our client wanted. We used Martin MAC 2000 Wash units, and our success came by removing the main lens and zooming out the split lens, allowing us to get maximum output coming from the entrance to the tomb. The effect was better than we ever imagined it could be with just a 1,200W source, but the 2000 Wash, in its versatile form, really made the services a hit.Equipment we used, supplied by Windy City Music, included four MAC 2000 Wash units, two Vari-Lite VL1000 TSD units, 50 ETC Source Four ellipsoidals, 50 ETC Source Four PARs, eight Altman Sky 3-cell cyc units, six L&E 6-cell Ground Cyc units, and an Entertainment Technology Marquee ILC Lighting Console.

Chris Prezas, lighting designer/programmer

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