Fun Facts of Sight & Sound's Massive Production of "Jesus"

lighting and production design of Sight & Sound's Jesus
(Courtesy of Sight & Sound Theatre)

Sight & Sound's 2,000-seat, state-of-the-art theatre in Lancaster, PA is currently home to Jesus, featuring a 12-ton, nearly 300' wraparound LED video screen, four miles of fabric for the 882 costumes for its 45 cast members, and boat that holds 13 actors and rises nearly 12' off the floor. Check out our in-depth look at the production design, and then amuse yourself with these additional fun facts from the lighting, video, and audio equipment lists for this massive production.


  • Custom InfiLED QE series 3.91mm pitch LED screen (114' x 28')
  • Custom TAIT line-shaft flies the screen during the show for set transition logistics
  • Screen is divided into 12 regions each being sent a 1920x1200 video signal
  • Custom video content rendered at 8832x2304
  • 12 NovaStar MCTRL660 screen controllers (1 per screen region)
  • 12 additional NovaStar MCTRL660 units for redundancy
  • 10gig fiber for signal distribution to the screen controllers
  • Lightware MX-FR65R matrix frame with DVI input modules and Fiber Output Modules
  • 2 disguise 4x4 Pro video severs
  • 1 disguise 2x4 Pro video server
  • 6 Digital Projection Titan 20k projectors
  • Projector and matrix control is done via Ethernet
  • LED screen position data from Navigator to the disguise servers via Ethernet for video positioning.


  • The lighting rig features over 1,400 lighting fixtures, including Chroma-Q, Claypaky, Martin by Harman, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, Wybron, Altman, RoscoDPL, and over 900 ETC Source Fours alone.
  • ETC Eos Classic as Primary Console
    • 2 ELO Touchscreen Monitors Attached
    • 2 x 20 Non-Motorized Faderwing Attached
  • ETC Eos RPU as Back-up Console
    • 2 ELO Touchscreen Monitors Attached
  • ETC  Paradigm System for Automated Breakers, Houselights, and Worklights
  • ETC Net3 Concert
  • 16 Universes
    • 2 of which are wireless using RC4Magic (2.4GHz) DMXio Series 3 Transceivers
  • 12 ETC Sensor3 Racks of 96 x 2.4kW Dimmers
    • CEM3 Power Control
  • (68) 208V Constant Power Circuits
  • (58) 120V Constant Power Circuit
  • Plots drafted in Vectorworks 2018
  • Previsualization performed in Cast Software wysiwyg 42
  • Paperwork Compiled in Lightwright 6

Cuing Statistics

  • 411 lighting cues
  • 254 show control SMPTE events

Fun Fact

  • Largest set piece for lighting was the Upper Room using 432 individual DMX addresses to control set lighting.


  • Studer Vista X Digital Audio Console
    • 256 I/O channels of Dante Digital audio for input and output signal transport.
    • 128 I/O channels of Madi Digital audio for Waves integration
    • 32 I/O channels of AES for misc FX units.
    • 16 I/O channels of Analog for misc devices and sources.
  • Nuendo DAW Software for playback with 40 channels of Dante audio utilizing a Focusrite PCIEr Dante Card.
  • QLab Show Control / playback system with 32ch of Dante audio utilizing a Focusrite PCIEr Dante Card.
  • TiMax Soundhub Playback / Routing system with 64 channels of Dante audio.
  • TiMax Radar Tracking System for automated routing of principal actors voices.
  • 78 channels of Shure ULXD / UHFR Wireless Mics with Countryman E6 Microphones.
  • Dante Audio Network with full redundancy of all audio signals running approximately 1400 channels of audio on the entire network.
  • 188 Channels of amplification using Lab Gruppen D200, D80, QSC CX and CXD amplifiers.
  • 4x Attero Tech UND32 Dante to Analog breakout boxes.
  • 5x Nion N6 DSP units for system processing
  • 102 House Speakers featuring Clair Brothers C8-I, CS218, 12CX, QSC Wideline 10, EAW, JBL and EV.
  • 22 Stage monitors featuring Clair Bro 8cx, JBL, EAW MK2364
  • 8x Clair CS218 Dual Subs flown in a cardioid array
  • 4x EAW SB1000's subs on the floor
  • 16x Main House Zones (individually assignable)
  • 20x Fill Zones (rims, array fill etc) (individually assignable)

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