The Flying Dutchman

A judging panel of entertainment professionals shortlisted Peter Flaherty's design for The Flying Dutchman for the Video & Projection Design Award in the Theatre category in Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards. Vote for the most outstanding projects now!

Peter Flaherty's video design for The Flying Dutchman was a central visual focus of the production on a massive rear screen. The screen material was physically painted in a translucent method by scenic designer John MacFarland, so there was a continuous interplay between painting and video. All video imagery was rendered in real-time with Notch and included a virtual shadow character that was puppeted live by an off-stage dancer in a motion capture suit. 

“Peter Flaherty’s projections mirror the largesse of Wagner’s vision, and involved a seamless blend of scenic painting and video projections.” — Nancy Wozny, Editor in Chief at Arts and Culture Texas and a Design Achievement Awards judge on the Theatre panel

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