Examining Race in Theatrical Design with Steve Jones

in 1 the podcast Changing the Landscape
(in 1: the podcast)

in 1: the podcast presents a brand new mini-series entitled Changing the Landscape: Examining Race in Theatrical Design. Guest-hosted by lighting designer Alan Edwards, this multi-part series will ask the questions: Where are the theatrical designers of color in history? Why has the roster appeared to grow only recently? What are the challenges of going from grade school to professional? And is there anything that can be done?

In this episode, "Perception of the Unknown," Steve Jones, former Director of Production at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, sits down with Alan to discuss where he came from. Beginning with his origins in Flint, Michigan where he started taking part in theatre activities in grade school, Steve started taking theatre seriously after a sports injury sidelined him for the remainder of his college career. He walks us through his experiences in applying for grad schools, leaving Flint, MI, and his first big-time job in New York City at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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