Don Holder Discusses Using Vectorworks For Bridges Of Madison County

Don Holder Discusses Using Vectorworks For Bridges Of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.

Previously nominated nine times, lighting designer and two-time Tony Award-winner for The Lion King and South Pacific, Don Holder was nominated for yet another Tony  - the 2014 Best Lighting Design of a Musical - for his work in The Bridges of Madison County, according to Planet Vectorworks.

“The scenic design was sparse and elemental, conceived to allow light to do a large part of the storytelling,” Holder tells Planet Vectorworks.

Set in the endless plains of Iowa, Bridges demanded that Holder employ special techniques to add depth to the large, painted cyclorama. Holder reflected a backlight off a white bounce or reflector that was rigged 20" upstage of the sky to give the translucent sky drop depth. 

Three disciplines for Bridges utilized Vectorworks software: Holder and associate lighting designer Michael P. Jones; scenic designer Michael Yeargan's associate Mikiko Suzuki McAdams; and sound designer Jon Weston's associate Jason Strangfeld.

Jones would send the Vectorworks drafts for lighting to Weston, who would add speaker locations where lighting gear was not already placed, and then forward it to McAdams, who made sure not to create conflicts for the flying elements or tracking units of the set.

To read the full announcement, visit Planet Vectorworks, and to read the full success story, visit

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