City Theatrical Releases Stackers™ Tapered Top Hats


City Theatrical has released their new line of Stackers™ Tapered Top Hats, designed to stack without sticking and to save space on the shelf and in transport, while maintaining all of the benefits of standard top hats.

Stackers patent-pending design allows them to stack neatly on the shelf, but a ridge on the top hat prevents sticking no matter how much pressure is applied. All Stackers feature black flocked interiors to reduced light bounce and round frames to allow rotation of half top hats to the most advantageous angle.

A full line of 20 different varieties of Stackers are available including 6 ”, 7 ”, 10”, 12”. and 14” diameters in full, half, short full, and short half styles to suit the needs of lighting designers.

Top hats are used in lighting design for two primary purposes: to reduce spill light from lighting fixtures and to prevent the eye or camera from seeing a bright light source. Professional designers in venues such as Broadway theatres often use hundreds of full and half top hats on a production.

City Theatrical’s Gary Fails comments, “Stackers are a wonderful idea that was brought to us by lighting designer Mike Baldassari several years ago. Mike found that standard top hats took up a lot of valuable truck space on his tours and he suggested stacking them like traffic cones to save space. We figured out how to make them stack without sticking and Stackers were born.”

Stackers are available through City Theatrical dealers worldwide.

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