Circus, Satire, And Paper Mache

Circus, Satire, And Paper Mache

Bread and Puppet Theater's Nothing Is Not Ready Circus recently completed its final summer production, according to The Boston GlobeThe show presents itself as a witty and quirky production, but it has an underlying political satire that focuses on current issues.

The company's founder and artistic director Peter Schumann created a simple setting, complemented with elaborate and fun depictions of butterflies, elephants, tigers, and more. The costumes and masks were cleverly constructed from paper mache, burlap, and bits of cloth. 

The comical onstage antics were accompanied by a 14-piece orchestra, including trombones, saxophones, violins, tubas, percussion, and an accordian.

According to Terry Byrne of The Boston Globe, the show "successfully blends straightforward, appealing entertainment with thought-provoking political commentary."

For the full article, visit The Boston Globe. See a clip of the performance below.

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