Bora Yoon In Sunken Cathedral: Through The Grandfather Clock

Like Alice and the looking glass, Korean-American composer and sound artist, Bora Yoon goes through the grandfather clock on Tom Lee's set design of Sunken Cathedral and embarks on a musical journey that explores the chambers of the subconscious. The audiovisual performance premiered January 14 - 17 at the Prototype Festival. Yoon combines her voice with Tibetan singing bowls, cell phones, violin, a record player, bells, cans, and answering messages from her deceased father to navigate the trials of blood memory and cultural identity. The stage is a display of the past, filled with objects that have passed in and out of Yoon's life, and yet still play a part in her unique form of storytelling. Adam Larsen's ethereal and haunting projections depict the shifting environments of the mind as Haejin Han's lighting design completes the cycle from birth to death. For the full article, visit The Creators Project.

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