Blue Man Group Celebrates 25 Years Blue Man Group is an international phenomenon...

Blue Man Group Celebrates 25 Years

How did three men with bald, earless, blue heads become an international stage phenomenon? As Blue Man Group celebrates its 25th anniversary, The New York Times notes in an article on November 30, 2016: "Cities with permanent Blue Man productions — Las Vegas; Orlando, Fla.; Boston; Chicago; and New York — declared Nov. 17 'Blue Man Group Day.' Madame Tussauds in Times Square unveiled limited-edition wax figures. There was a party at the Highline Ballroom. And the Blue Men got to flip a switch and turn the Empire State Building blue for a night." Not bad for three guys who started out in bald caps in Central Park.

Over the years, Live Design has covered Blue Man Group extensively, as well as the design aspects of their rise from an Off-Broadway act to an entertainment empire, embracing cutting-edge technology. Read about the various gear that they used along the way...

Check out their move to Las Vegas in 2000.

And to Berlin in 2004.

Plus a few words from lighting programmer Marcus Kromer.

The renovation of a venue in Toronto in 2005

And Painting The World Blue in 2005

Bob Bonniol of Mode Studios also did some very cool video work for Blue Man Group. Eye-candy images here.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Blue Man Group!

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