Behind the Scenes By Design Day 2010 Set For April 24


Behind the Scenes and Light Relief in the UK have the full backing of award-winning designers Paule Constable, Ken Billington, and Ken Posner, along with Light Relief’s co-founder, Rick Fisher, for By Design Day (formerly Light Relief Day), to be held April 24.

On By Design Day, people in the professional design business give back to help others less fortunate. The first joint venture between Behind the Scenes and Light Relief raised $11,500: $5,700 for Behind the Scenes and £3450 for Light Relief. The money came through a variety of channels, including royalties from Broadway and West End shows, touring productions , donations on Facebook, and bucket collections among audience members.

By Design Day is held in honor of the late Tony Gottelier, co-founder of Light Relief. Lighting, video, scenic, sound, and costume designers are asked to donate royalties for the day, while others in non-royalty situations are also urged to give donations.

Visit Behind the Scenes or Light Relief for more information.

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