Behind The Scenes Of 6 Tony-Winning Sets For Musicals

Behind The Scenes Of 6 Tony-Winning Sets For Musicals

Rob Howell's set for Matilda won a Tony Award in 2013.

Similar to Behind The Scenes Of 6 Tony-Winning Sets For Plays, this article has gathered video interviews with the scenic designers of the marvelous Tony Award-winning sets for musicals from 2010-2015. The designers discuss their creative processes pre or post-production in the videos below. 

2010, Christine Jones for American Idiot

American Idiot - Official Set Tour

Set designer, Christine Jones, and projection designer, Darrel Maloney take us behind the scenes of their collaboration.

Posted by American Idiot The Musical on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christine Jones talks about her joy at finding a production where her set pieces become a kinetic part of the musical, American Idiot.

2011, Scott Pask for The Book Of Mormon

The creative team discusses navigating racism on Scott Pask's set design of Uganda for the humorous musical, The Book Of Mormon. 2011 Tony winner, Pask talks about the crowd's first reaction to the detailed village.

2012, Bob Crowley for Once

Set and costume designer, Bob Crowley chats about setting Once in a classic Irish pub, using materials he found in thrift shops. Crowley won the 2012 Tony Award for Best Scenic Design for Once.

2013, Rob Howell for Matilda

Lighting designer Hugh Vanstone and set designer Rob Howell talk about making Matilda. Howell originally envisioned just desks for the set, but then chose alphabet blocks to create the set that would earn him the 2013 Tony Award.

2014, Chris Barreca for Rocky

Get on the Rocky set before it was finished with this interview with set designer, Chris Barreca, who won the 2014 Tony Award. See the set coming to life from Barreca's miniature models.

2015, Bob Crowley for An American In Paris

Bob Crowley, set and costume designer for An American In Paris, discusses how he portrayed the grandeur of Paris onstage, while avoiding the cliche that is the Eiffel Tower.

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