Become Living CGI: A Projection Mapped Face Mask

Become Living CGI: A Projection Mapped Face Mask

The uses of projection mapping are limitless. Now projection artist Nobumichi Asai has erased the need for applying makeup as she combines real-time face tracking and projection mapping to turn a woman's face into living CGI, according to Fast Company.

Asai has done projection mapping for clients such as Subaru and Intel, and for this project, she used Omote, a software package that combines projection mapping with facial tracking. In this video, a woman slowly, naturally moves her head while keeping her eyes closed. Upon this surface, Asai brings a cyberpunk woman to life.

This technique could makes its way onto the theatre stage, where projectors are already in abundance. Perhaps one day audiences will watch actors transform from one appearance to the next without slipping behind a curtain.

For the full article, visit Fast Company.

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