31 Days Of Plots: Michael Gottlieb—A Touch Of The Poet

Live Design's fifth annual 31 Days Of Plots features one production per day during the month of December 2022, highlighting a different lighting design, from across theatre, concert tours, corporate events, live for broadcast, and more, as we wind down 2022 and head toward the new year.

In March 2022, LD Michael Gottlieb designed the lighting for Eugene O’Neill’s A Touch of the Poet at the Irish Rep. "The set was very challenging, with a low-beamed ceiling, so we needed to drop a grid from the house grid to make our throws but keep the lights invisible to the audience," he explains. "The second act of the show takes place entirely in candlelight, so it was primarily lit using Birdies mounted around the set, corresponding to the locations of candles. For this design, I was honored to be nominated for a Henry Hewes Design Award."


Michael Gottlieb

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A Touch Of The Poet © Michael Gottlieb

A Touch of the Poet

Irish Repertory Theatre NYC,

March 2022

Lighting Equipment List:

2 70-degree ETC Source Four ERS 575W

58 50-degree ETC Source Four ERS 575W

14 6-degree ETC Source Four ERS 575W

15 26-degree ETC Source Four ERS 575W  

14 19-degree ETC Source Four ERS 575W

23 WFL ETC Source Four PAR 575W

 3 MFL ETC Source Four PAR 575W

 4 ARRI Baby 2kw Fresnel (6.9" Lens)

 9 Birdie with table base, 120v, 100W Wide

 3 L&E 6’-0” 30-Lamp 3-Circuit Ministrip EYC  

 2 0-degree ETC Lustr Series LED Profile

 2  36-degree ETC Lustr Series LED Profile

 8 26-degree ETC Lustr Series 2 LED Profile  

1 ETC Ion Console

144 ETC Sensor 8 2.4kW Dimmers

Color by Roscolux and Lee Filters


Direction: Ciaran O'Reilly

Scenic Design: Charlie Corcoran

Lighting Design: Michael Gottlieb

Costume Design: Alejo Vietti

Associate Costume Design: Gail Baldoni

Sound Design: M. Florian Staab

Music Composition: Ryan Rumery

Props: Brandy Hoang Collier

Hair and Wig Design: Robert-Charles Vallance

Stage Manager: April Ann Kline

Assistant Stage Manager: Jade Doina

Production Manager: Josh Allen

Production Electrician and Lighting Programmer: Megan Peti

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