TFWM Pavilion and Conference Continues

Technologies for Worship Magazine's (TFWM) Pavilion and Conference continues today during the LDI 2008 conference. Events include free, hands-on workshops at the Technologies For Worship Pavilion (booth # 2176) and a day of seminars covering various angles of technology within houses of worship.

The Technologies for Worship Conference provides education and resources to Houses of Worship in all applicable technical disciplines. The sessions are designed to encourage and entice technical volunteers and staff members of all denominations to learn the basic fundamentals right up to advanced level training to hone their particular craft.

What makes the house of worship market so unique in comparison to others is that it is largely volunteer-based. That's what makes this hands-on, in-depth technical training so vital to the attendees. What TFWM and LDI are providing these people is real, directly applicable training that is relevant in numerous environments. Whether your house of worship's weekly attendance is 50 or 5,000, there is something for you in the educational program offered this year.

“We’re really a one-stop shop,” explains Shelagh Rogers, founder and president of TFWM and the Technologies for Worship Pavilion and Conferences. “We provide attendees with the information and the tools they need to grow by offering specialized training seminars. We provide an environment where attendees can test-drive new products hands-on, while qualified personnel can answer questions. By partnering with LDI, our attendees have access to an entire trade show floor, featuring a variety of different manufacturers, all of which provide products that fit with the technologies currently being incorporated into houses of worship all over the world.”

Houses of worship are a quickly expanding market is the US. Regardless to whether the worship service consists of traditional style choir and pipe-organ format or high-energy contemporary evangelical rock n' roll, technology has been accepted as a staple in houses of worship, and TFWM’s educational programs at LDI have been designed to satisfy the demand for information in that regard. The increased attendee presence from houses of worship at LDI is as direct result of these initiatives.

Sponsors for the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® include: A. C. Lighting, Ashly, Audio Ethics, Aviom, d&b audiotechnic, EIKI, Elation, JVC, Listen Technologies, Microboards, Midas, Perdue Acoustics, Renewed Vision, Seachanger, Shining Technologies, Stage Line, Stewart Filmscreen, and Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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