Tekamaki become first d3 Studio in California, US

Tekamaki’s capabilities range from concept development through process management, project design and staging. A small, flexible company with decades of industry experience between its team members, Tekamaki’s focus has always been on teamwork, talent, innovation and the latest in display and media technology to help their clients successfully communicate their message.
Tekamaki used d3 systems on the September 2012 DreamForce event for Salesforce.com, which saw the entire San Francisco City Hall mapped up for a one-off performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Based in San Carlos, California, Tekamaki team members include Matt Ward (co-founder of Element Labs), Joe Conway, Ron Machado, Robert Loney and Christopher Burdett.
d3 Studios are dedicated, internationally located partner companies with pre-visualisation suites using d3. Clients can work here with expertly trained local d3 staff on the realisation of their projects, from project set-up and pre-vis all the way through to show sequencing and testing device integration. d3 Studios provide consulting resources for productions and installations as well as training and workflow support and expertise on the d3 product range for their own clients, and in conjunction with d3 rental partners and suppliers. d3 Studios have full support of the dedicated consulting and hardware team of d3 Technologies in London, England.
d3 is the world’s first fully integrated visual production system for video professionals, combining a real-time 3D stage visualiser, timeline, video playback engine and projection mapping tools into one product. d3’s unique integrated workflow assists the designer at all stages of the project, from pitch through development to final delivery.
More information can be found here: http://www.d3technologies.com/get-d3/d3-studios-global/tekamaki