Recreating PAC-MAN For The Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

For this year's Super Bowl, Bud Light created a commercial that took Riley Smith, an unsuspecting guy, from the bar where he ordered a Bud Light to a life-sized PAC-MAN™ game. PRG handled the logistics, production management, lighting, audio, video, and staging for the production that took over a Los Angeles parking lot, disguised as a construction site. PRG collaborated with Hargrove, who dealt with the scenic elements. Software was used to track Smith as he moved through the maze, turning off lights as he went. The "ghosts" are actually skaters whose costumes have video screens for eyes so that the irises can shift spookily. DJ White Shadow remixed the music for the commercial. Since Smith was not an actor and every moment had to be captured in realtime, 40 cameras were required for this once in a lifetime experience. 

For additional information on the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, check out our full Project In Focus and stay tuned for more coverage.


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