The Life Of A Shark Dancer

The Life Of A Shark Dancer

Copyright Christopher Polk, Getty Images.

What is the most talked about aspect of the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show? There are likely multiple contenders, but Katy Perry's shark dancers are certainly trending. From GIFs to memes to a Reddit AMA, the sharks have taken over social media. Some even claim that the Left Shark is the true MVP of the Super Bowl, messing up the moves and stealing the spotlight from Perry.

According to The Creators Project, redditors Prathios, asumello61, and Jdawgg92 were dancers for the show and shared their thoughts. Here's a synopsis:

1. Most of the dancers were college students.

2. Until three days before the show, the shark dancers were from Mesa Community College, but then Perry decided she wanted her own dancers up there. (The limited time to practice may be the reason for the Left Shark's popularity.)

3. Dancers had to use their hands to flip the upper lip of their costumes to pretend to sing to the chorus. The shark dancers had to take their arms out of the fins to do so.

4. The costumes were surprisingly heavy, and luckily, no one fell, but it came close...

5. Shark dancer (speculated as the Right Shark), Scott Myrick admitted that because of the low visibility of the costume, he ran into a tree, but the camera missed it.

6. Jdawgg92 responded to Myric: "That was me!" Despite the collision, the tree dancer was able to remain upright.  

7. Most of the dancers had only a week of rehearsals.

8. Perry had a whole horde of people in white suits just to sprint on and off and assist her with her costume changes, which mostly involved snap-ons.

Watch the video below to see the shark dancer highlights. For the full article, visit The Creators Project. 

For additional information on the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, check out our full Project In Focus and stay tuned for more coverage.

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