Summer supplies: New stock presented for the season


Pins, sleeves, and more Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has introduced new Insulgrip heavy-duty pin and sleeve wiring devices conforming to UL standard 1686 C-1, which establishes a common configuration standard for pin and sleeve wiring devices from various manufacturers. The heavy-duty connectors have many features including metallic or non-metallic housings, watertight cord entrance and mechanical cord grips, shrouded sleeves, sealed pins and sleeves, and a spring pin design for maximum electrical contact on mating sleeves. Detailed product literature (H4634) including dimensions, part numbers, and "mix or match" components for the 30, 60, 100, and 200A connectors is now available. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, Milford, CT

Screen savers Chimera has developed adapter rings to enable its Medium Video Pro Lightbank diffusion system to be used with 2kW open-face fixtures such as the Arrilite 2000, DeSisti 7200, Ianiro Compact Beam 2000, Strand Ianebeam Blond, and the Mole-Richardson Mighty Mole 2000. Chimera has developed two Medium Video Pro Lightbanks; the Plus version has three interchangeable screens--1/4 screen, 1/2 diffusion, and a full diffusion screen. Types and model numbers are available from the company. Chimera, Boulder, CO

Surge-free living The Safe Living Smart Box, a new surge protector from Safe Living/Smart Products (the consumer products division of Technology Research Corp.), provides equipment protection with a fast reaction time of 25/1000 of a second and includes a $25,000 connected equipment guarantee. Other features include three protected power receptacles, protected telephone receptacle, main surge indicator, equipment leakage detector, test button, and safety reset button. Complete details and an electrical safety hazard evaluation kit are available from the manufacturer. Safe Living/Smart Products, Clearwater, FL

Fusion of features Celco's new Fusion rack mount dimmer (3RU) can control 12 channels of 10A, 16A, or 20A loads with 100% duty cycle capability. Non-dim loads such as neon, fluorescent, and low voltage can also be controlled. Other features include user-selectable dimming curves, filtering, DMX and analog control inputs, DMX addressing, programmable back-up safety states, and single- or three-phase operation. Celco, Kent, UK

Current affairs AEMC Instruments has introduced many new models and types of AC current probes. The SR series is available in nine different models with measurement ranges of 100mA to 1,200A AC. A special feature is an ergonomic design for measurement of cables of different gauges and small bus bars. Different models are available for use with DMMs, power and harmonic meters, and other test instruments. The AEMC MN 200 series includes 13 different compact 200A AC current probes that meet IEC 1010 600V Category III and are CE-marked. The MN 200 series has models for different gauges and can be used with many different testing instruments. AEMC Instruments, Boston, MA

Smooth exits The Sure-Lites brand from Cooper Lighting has introduced the EEX Edgelit LED series of exit lighting, which features a unique snap-fit canopy/housing assembly permitting universal mounting as a ceiling, wall, or end unit. Clear, wedge-shaped panels allow architectural details to be visible and still provide exit sign lighting in accordance withapplicable codes and regulations. Long-life red or green LEDs (single- or double-faced, AC or self-powered) and backgrounds of clear, white, or mirror are some of the many options available. Cooper Lighting, Elk Grove Village, IL

Projection minus heat Times Square Lighting's MC70FP projector creates special effects and pattern projections using the Philips MasterColor metal-halide lamp. The 70W lamp produces pure white images without the heat of higher-wattage quartz lamps. Uses standard M-size patterns, and custom patterns reproduced from computer images may also be used. Designed to meet many architectural applications, the MC70FP projector features numerous mounting options such as different types of track adapters, canopy plates, and clamps. An outdoor version is now available. Times Square Lighting, Stony Point, NY

A longer-life lamp Fusion Lighting continues to improve and enhance its Light Drive 1000 electrodeless sulfur lamp. The electronic power supply allows the lamp to be dimmed to 30% of output with very little color shift. Lumen output remains at 100% of the lamp's rated capacity over its entire service life. In addition, Fusion has extended the life of the magnetron within the power supply to 20,000 hours, and includes two spare magnetrons with each complete Light Drive 1000, thereby equaling the lamp's design lifetime of 60,000 hours. The sulfur lamp generates 95 lumens per watt, approximately equal to the output of 75 standard 100W incandescent lamps, at a 5700K color temperature resembling sunlight, emitting little infrared and almost no UV radiation. The 3M Corp. and Remote Source Lighting International currently offer lighting products using the lamp. Fusion Lighting, Rockville, MD