Star Wars: In Concert Featured at LDI2010

Steve Cohen, Seth Jackson, and Bryan Barancik have joined the line-up of speakers in the Innovation & Technology Conference at LDI2010, October 18-24 in Las Vegas. They will be discussing the design challenges for Star Wars: In Concert, a unique multi-media event featuring music from all six of John Williams' epic Star Wars scores. Steve Cohen serves as creative director and designer for the show, with Jackson acting as associate production designer and Barancik as associate lighting designer.

Jackson notes that the lighting for the Star Wars concert ebbs and flows along musical lines, but also along the lines of the images on the screen. "The timecode is a tremendous reference for everyone, but nothing in this show is sequenced or triggered," he says. "The organic nature of an 86-piece orchestra gives way to variances every night. The conductor has no click track, the lighting isn't triggered, and the orchestra and choir aren't tracked. We are all doing this completely live."

Steve Cohen, Seth Jackson, and Bryan Barancik will be featured speakers in LDI's Project Portfolio on Saturday, October 23, from 3:30-5pm. This session will present technical/design snapshots of some of the most interesting projects from the past year...projects in which lighting and projection make compelling visual statements.

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