The Rigging Book Of The Century

The Rigging Book Of The Century

With the switch from manual to motorized rigging systems in both permanent and touring productions, the entertainment industry has seen vast changes for rigging technology in the past decade, including an increasing focus on standardized safety practices. Entertainment Rigging for the 21st Century explains what is happening, why, and how, with details on technology and methodology that is accessible for both riggers and non-riggers.

Published by Focal Press, the book features a foreword written by Monona Rossol, and contributions from industry leaders, Tray Allen, Roy Bickel, Keith Bohn, Karen Butler, Stu Cox, Dan Culhane, Scott Fisher, Bill Gorlin, Chris Higgs, Joe McGeough, Rocky Paulson, Eddie Raymond, Carla Richters, and Bill Sapsis, who also edited the book. 

"I want to take a minute to thank all of the authors for their hard work on this project," says Sapsis. "I'm very happy with the results and I hope you find it as informative and interesting as I did."

The book launch will occur at the PLASA show in London this October. While it is not yet available in bookstores or online, it can be pre-ordered here. According to Sapsis, the code FLR40 will provide a 20% discount.

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