New Product: JR Clancy SceneControl 12

JR Clancy SceneControl 12

JR Clancy SceneControl 12 motion control system offers ergonomic design and portability to allow operators to move around the stage while viewing equipment moving overhead. The system controls up to 36 axes and includes a joystick for adjustable speed control. The latest features include an advanced emergency stop (e-stop) system that does not require human interaction to stop the hoists. It comes with two data communication lines, so that if one fails, the hoist stops moving. The controller includes a load-learning system to identify the expected loads throughout the full travel of the set. If it exceeds the set capacity or hits something in its path, it will enter a fault state. Users can program limits to the number of hoists being used based on available power. A dynamic interface reveals buttons that change colors based on status or location, or appear/disappear to help guide users through the system. With multiple user logins, each can open a specific interface, and certain functions are disabled, hidden, or changed based on the experience of the user and pre-programmed information.

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