New Product: Cast BlackTrax Version 2.3

Cast BlackTrax Version 2.3

Version 2.3 of the Cast BlackTrax realtime tracking system includes an all new active reconstruction point cloud, designed to eliminate the splitting effect seen in previous versions, creating more stable, smoother tracking data. Continuous calibration takes place in the background, refining tracking in response to the slight movements that can happen over time with the hanging structure and eliminating the need to manually regularly recalibrate the show space. Dynamic zones allow users to define a zone within the tracking area, assign it a behavior trigger, and then virtually attach the zone to a moving trackable. Additional enhancements have been made including auto save/revert project, a portfolio manager, and pan-flip timing. Flexible precision control acknowledges that not all third-party outputs need, or can successfully handle, the micrometer precision of the data BlackTrax sends via the RTTrPM protocol. The resolution of the data can now be adjusted downwards, resulting in smoother tracking.

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