New Product: BroadWeigh TwistLink

BroadWeigh Shackle-Twistlink2

TwistLink allows a 4.75-ton BroadWeigh shackle to be connected to a 3.25-ton or 4.75-ton shackle without having to manipulate the pin, nut, and R-clip. Holes at 90° minimize potential torsion loading in the load pin and maintain accurate measurement, also conforming to the European Machinery Directive. The new Advanced Handheld (BW-HA) brings additional functionality to the system by expanding its standalone monitoring capabilities. It provides instant access to individual shackle readings and group summations without the need for a PC and a base station. With a range of up to 800m, the handheld is compatible with existing BroadWeigh shackles and can be configured to perform summing operations between load cells. It has three main functions: Roaming Mode for reading of an unlimited number of shackles without first having to define them; List Mode to configure up to 24 pre-defined shackles for further power saving and identification with custom name tags; and Summing Group Mode to calculate the total load on up to eight elements of the rigging system and view the individual load shackles.

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