Martin Magnum 850 Completes Magnum Line Of Foggers

Martin’s Magnum line of fog effects is now complete with the introduction of the mid-range Magnum 850.

This replacement for Martin’s Magnum 800 fogger, upgraded with new electronics and a new design to match the rest of the Magnum family, is Martin’s latest fog solution where a mid-air projection canopy or atmosphere enhancing effect is needed. The compact Magnum 850 uses a 750W heat exchanger together with a high quality piston pump to effortlessly punch out a full 200 m3/min of dense fog.

The Magnum 850 heats up fast and is continuously operational for a trouble free “set it and forget it” effect with a variety of fluid options available for different applications. The delivery of a continuous and even level of fog and the incorporation of soft-start electronics means that the Magnum 850 operates at a very low noise level.

Supplied with a hand-held remote control, an optional timer remote is also available.

“This new series of Magnum fog machines has been created with the ambition to capture new technology and solid performance in a new design,” states Martin Smoke Division product manager Ulrich Borup Hansen. “It was important for us to create a fog machine that clearly stands out both design and performance-wise.

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