LDI New Product: XLNT CyberHoist II CH528 (2015)

LDI New Product: XLNT CyberHoist II CH528 (2015)

CyberHoist II™ from XLNT is the world’s first intelligent, variable-speed chain hoist and control system specifically designed to overcome the creative and logistical rigors of automation design for entertainment environments, large-scale events, and touring, according to the manufacturer. The system’s strength, smooth operation, plug-and-play interface, and compact design have recently been complemented by a range of software and hardware improvements. The updated version CH528 (2015) features an all-in-one design that includes a motion controller, world-wide multi-voltage power supply (200-440V (+/- 10%) / 50-60HZ), absolute positioning (0.1 mm), elevated duty cycle (60%) for fast lifting of heavy loads, and network controlled e-stop and dead man’s handle, with no additional cabling. It can now operate at variable speeds of up to 30m/min or 100’/min, using multiple actuators in single, group, or subgroup formations. cyber-motion.com

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