LDI New Product: Total Structures Pointman S Model ¼-Ton

LDI New Product: Total Structures Pointman S Model ¼-Ton

The Pointman Electric chain hoist range from Total Structures now includes the Pointman S Model ¼-ton (250kg) capacity unit that offers internal geared limit switches and an optional second brake, all of which can be contained within its standard-sized housing. The lifting speed of 16’ per minute and 250kg working load capacity are maintained in both three-phase (180V to 500V) and single-phase units (110V or 220V). Due to a new profile load chain, a ¼-ton unit fitted with 60’ height of lift and limit switches, weighs less than 35lbs. In addition to the new model release, Pointman’s IP65 ingress protection rating can now be increased to IP67 on the ½-ton, 1-ton, and 2-ton units. This rating allows the unit to be fully submerged under water to a depth of 1m for a period of 30 minutes. totalstructures.com

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