LDI New Product: Tempest Tornado G4 And Tornado Marine G4

LDI New Product: Tempest Tornado G4 And Tornado Marine G4

The latest generation of enclosures from Tempest, Tornado G4 and Tornado Marine G4, adds enhancements and additional sizes to accommodate any moving head fixture currently available. Tornado G4 now offers DEC4 control, with a choice of RS485 (RDM) or Ethernet monitoring, with web-based monitoring in development. Its aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylic construction provides corrosion-resistance in any climate, and fans circulate the air every few seconds. The updated variable speed fans only blow as hard as needed to maintain ideal temperature, ensuring a longer fan life and reducing noise. Tornado Marine is the only lighting enclosure in the world designed to protect automated luminaires from weather, condensation, and salt fog, according to the manufacturer. Its hydrophobic HEPA filter prevents ingress of moisture and moisture-born contaminants such as salt or chlorine. A positive pressure environment is maintained using variable speed fans when the luminaire is not running, preventing contaminants entering through the exhaust path. tempest.biz

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