LDI New Product: Tait IQ Powered By Navigator

tait IQ by Navigator

IQ is a new generation of Tait Tower's Navigator entertainment automation platform designed to optimize workflows of a live event. The interface includes realtime 2D plot views, 3D visualization, and tabular views that can be used with the Antares, Centauri, and Polaris consoles within the Navigator platform. With the ability to interface with hundreds of devices and protocols, the Windows-based application is highly scalable and can support many users and axes simultaneously, providing rapid editing features for full show automation. Users can execute custom moves or jog unlimited axes from one or many channels simultaneously within a console, with support and secure login for multiple users. Acceleration, velocity, and deceleration to axis moves and axis moves within cues are all definable. Additional features include optional dead man’s handle support; tools to organize acts, axes, and custom notes; multiple languages and measurement units; live feedback on motion between cues; auto-advance cues; support for linear and rotational axes; and options to fault on an error or continue to run within cues. Operational and programming-based keyboard shortcuts enhance workflow, while custom workspaces support role-based workflows. taittowers.com

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