LDI New Product: Le Maitre GS300-Smart

LDI New Product: Le Maitre GS300-Smart

Le Maitre G300-SMART is a professional smoke machine that has IoT capability via Wi-Fi, wireless setup and diagnostics, and a backlit LCD display. Building on the company’s flagship smoke machine, the G300, the new version features DMX in and out, 0 to 10V control, as well as fluid out and fluid low reporting. Wi-Fi on board gives the user the ability to set and change the configuration of the unit via a mobile device. The user can set the interval, duration, flow level, pre-delay times, as well as turn the unit on or off. The user can also diagnose and debug any errors with the device wirelessly. Once connected via Wi-Fi, the unit can be monitored and controlled over the Internet via Le Maitre’s Machine Interface Portal. lemaitreltd.com

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