LDI New Product: Harlequin Reversible Pro

LDI New Product: Harlequin Reversible Pro

Reversible Pro™ is the newest addition to Harlequin Floors’ line of portable “Marley” floors, featuring a reinforced, mineral fiber inter-ply layer for improved tear strength and dimensional stability. This multipurpose floor is designed for all types of dance and performance and is suitable for use on stage and tour. The floor rolls out flat, without the need to wait for it to relax. The floor retains the same features as Harlequin Reversible™—lightweight,durable, and slip resistant on both sides—and the double-sided option allows companies to flip the floor over and change colors. The floor is currently available in two colors: black/white and black/gray. harlequinfloors.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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