LDI New Product: ETC Prodigy P75 Self Climber Hoist

LDI New Product: ETC Prodigy P75 Self Climber Hoist

The Prodigy® P75 Self Climber Hoist from ETC features the same technology as all Prodigy hoists, repackaged in a custom-made, heavy duty Tomcat® 20.5'' truss with a working load limit (WLL) of 2,000lbs (900 kg) and vertical travel of 75'. Developed to meet the needs of a segment of the rigging market that cannot rely on traditional hoist solutions, this hoist was built to accommodate venues and installations that may have domed or peaked roofs, plaster ceilings, tight spaces, and corners, such as historic buildings, houses of worship, theatres, and arenas. All Prodigy hoists contain high-level safety features, such as slackline detection, load cell, load profiling, and dual-brake systems, and all are fully tested and prereeved. etcconnect.com

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