LDI New Product: Airstar Sunshade And Crystal White

LDI New Product: Airstar Sunshade And Crystal White

The Crystal range from Airstar has two new products: Sunshade and Crystal White. Sunshade is a large lighting umbrella that transforms the Crystal lighting balloon technology into a new envelope shape. Measuring 2.2m or 2.6m in diameter, it features the same RGB LED lights that can be found on the Crystal balloons and is DMX controllable. Also new is the Crystal White 50K-lumen lighting balloons (available in 130cm, 160cm and 200cm diameter). These feature LED lamps for eight times less power consumption versus halogen technology for the same luminous intensity, according to the manufacturer. Crystal White 50k lum is also dimmable, with options including cold white, warm white, or daylight, and is fully DMX controllable. The product also features an extremely quiet fan and is flicker-free. Both new products feature a 360º, non-glare and shadow-free light. All products are CE-listed and safety-certified to standard IP54. airstar-light.com

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