LDI New Product: ACASS Systems ModLock LED

LDI New Product: ACASS Systems ModLock LED

ModLock LED from ACASS Systems is a modular, interlocking LED System designed to connect seamlessly in any configuration, in any environment. Engineered to plug-and-play with the company’s staging systems, every critical part can be easily and quickly replaced, while maintaining physical alignment. Spring-loaded locks on either side of every module help maintain z-axis alignment between panels, ensuring the modules are always secure in the frame. One lever toggles a central lock on all the modules simultaneously. This ensures a watertight seal in the crucial area around the module connector and eliminates any slight warping to maintain a smooth, flat screen. The patent-pending, one-handed, single stroke RevoLatch™ locking system stays out of the way during assembly of the wall and always holds fast, even in strong wind. The backbone of the system is the touring frame, manufactured in the US, and engineered and machined to within tolerances of 0.0005” (0.0127 mm). The frame is guaranteed to work for resolutions up to 4mm. The corner blocks provide locating accuracy and added surface area when mated for exceptional strength. All electronics for the system are housed in the central spine. The efficient switch mode power supply is attached to the inside of the lid. It swaps using quick-lock connectors. acass-systems.com

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