LDI 2014 New Products: Staging Concepts Bravado Acoustical Shell System

The Bravado Acoustical Shell System consists of mobile towers and ceiling panels that align to form a flexible acoustical shell. Its all-aluminum, lightweight construction is combined with a wheeled mover constructed with tri-casters, allowing for easy positioning. The shell system can be customized with custom panels, finishes, configurations, and a choice of lighting fixtures can be incorporated into the ceiling panels, including ETC Source Four PARs, ETC Desire LED units, or Future Light 1000 units. The design of the ceiling panels allows for integration with a variety of rigging systems. Standard tower frame heights go up to 32' (9.7m). Custom tower heights are available. Tower wings utilize UHMW bearings for pivoting, allowing for smooth rotation. Entrance doors can be designed into the system to provide access for performers and equipment.
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