Kinesys Launches New Chain Hoist Controllers

Kinesys are launching two new chain hoist control products, Smart 8 and Sentinel.

The Smart 8 expands on Kinesys’ existing Power 8 product and offers full positioning facilities built into a standard hoist controller.

Sentinel is a range of fully BGV C1 compliant controllers designed to work with CM Lodestar BGV C1 chain hoists.

Smart 8
The Smart 8 allows fixed speed encoded hoists to be programmed and controlled from a single unit. This offers cost savings over the traditional approach of a combination of separate motor controllers and a position controller. It also offers users maximum flexibility in allowing controllers to be located near to the motors instead of everything having to be run from a central location.

The Smart 8 comes in low voltage and direct control versions and accepts both traditional pulse encoders and the more precise incremental encoders.

Cues can be programmed directly into the Smart 8 using its large graphical LCD display and intuitive jog wheel interface, or can be downloaded from Kinesys’ K2 or Vector software packages. Once programmed, cues can be triggered either from the controller, from another connected unit or via DMX.

The Sentinel range of controllers has been developed from the ground up to be fully compliant with the BGV C1 specification for chain hoists. They are designed for use with the BGV C1 compliant variants of CM Lodestar motors which offer users a wide variety of lifting weights and speeds.

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