Kinesys K2 At LDI 2007

Kinesys will be at LDI 2007 at booth 1089 in conjunction with their US distributor TMB, where they will be demonstrating their K2 motion control system.

K2 will again be in action with Unusual Rigging’s award-winning Revolution winch, following a very successful event staged in LA by TMB in October, designed to show the capabilities of these two products working together.

K2 offers a realtime 3D programming view so the objects are moved on the screen via a graphical interface by the operator, while the computer does the calculations.

All of these graphical items/objects can be created in industry standard CAD packages and imported directly into K2. Programming then becomes very simple, with manipulation of the moving objects as straightforward as click-and-drag.

Cues can be simulated and rehearsed in full 3D before being run for real, complete with multiple viewing angles and user controlled camera views, allowing the operator to be sure that no aspect of the movement or its interaction with other elements is hidden.

User programmable limits and clamps allow envelopes of motion to be easily constructed around objects. When combined with numerous other safety features and extensive feedback to the user, the programmer can be in complete control of the devices they are running.

K2 is not just limited to winches and chain hoists. Any number of devices can be connected to this powerful and flexible system which also offers full support for AC and servo motors, hydraulics, and pneumatics via various Kinesys control products.

K2 can also be hooked into a Hippotizer media server, which allows images to be manipulated as a direct consequence of the position of an object. For example a projector can keep an image locked to a moving projection screen or a video wall can be set to “wipe” its image as the screen moves out of sight.

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