HSL Rigging Totem Tower 2T-V


HSL’s Rigging team has designed a strong and versatile tower capable of lifting loads up to 2 tons, complete with a small, neat footprint. The 2T-V was developed with very fast build times in mind, as the Tower takes only 2.5 hours to build with a crew of one HSL Rigger and four local crew members . The tower can be taken down in 1.5 hours.

It has a mast height of 13m to the fly point and a base of 4.5x4.2m, with a maximum payload of 2000kg and a 2400kg ballast. It can handle a wind speed of 44mph or 20m/s.

The 2T-V tower is suitable for hanging all types of PA either from a one or two point pick up. The 2T-V Tower is suitable for lighting equipment to be hung off the mast—weight and distribution is dependent on the main payload weight. Video screens can be hung on a single point using spreader truss.

For more information, visit www.hslproductions.com.

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