Elation Introduces Antari HZ-500 DMX Hazer

Elation Professional has added the Antari HZ-500 professional DMX haze machine to its lineup of Antari atmosphere effects. One of the most advanced and powerful hazers on the market today, the HZ-500 is designed to provide creative and dramatic atmospheric effects with a haze output of 3,000 cubic feet per minute.

Despite its output, the HZ-500 runs quietly, with a noise level of under 70dB at a four-inch distance. The virtual silence of the HZ-500 enables it to be used in situations where low noise is desired. The HZ-500 uses only one liter of haze liquid over 20 hours, despite its 3,000 cu. ft./minute output. What’s more, this low consumption rate means that the HZ-500’s 2.5-liter tank needs to be filled less frequently, a convenient feature for users, allowing the show to go on for longer periods without interruptions for adding more haze liquid.

One of the reasons the HZ-500 has such a low liquid consumption rate is because it produces a haze that’s comprised of extremely small particles. This type of haze spreads over a wider area faster and farther, and because the smaller particles are lighter in weight, the haze stays higher in the air and lasts longer before dissipating. The HZ-500 also produces a drier fog than that of many other hazers, preventing residual moisture that can lead to wet, slick surfaces, which are not only undesirable but can also be a safety hazard.

Another advantage of the HZ-500 is that it starts producing haze immediately after it is turned on, with no warm-up time required. This is because the HZ-500 uses an air compressor to produce haze, rather than the heater found in many other hazers, so it does not have to wait to reach a certain temperature for the effects to kick in.

A common problem with hazers and foggers is clogging of the intake valve. Antari has addressed this issue by including a metal net and filter in the HZ-500’s intake valve to prevent particles from entering and damaging the machine—a feature that dramatically reduces service problems. The net and filter are easily detached from the hazer for cleaning, requiring only a quick rinse in plain water— no soap or detergents are necessary.

“The Antari HZ-500 raises the bar for professional hazers with many new, outstanding features and innovations,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional, which is the exclusive North American distributor for Antari atmospheric machines. “Not only is it a very high output unit, it also offers unsurpassed performance, producing smaller and drier haze particles that last longer and are of higher quality. It’s also very quiet, economical to operate, and easy to maintain. The Antari brand is known as the premium world-class fog machine, and the HZ-500 takes this distinction to an even higher standard.”

As befitting a top-of-the-line hazer, the HZ-500 comes fully equipped and ready to go in its own flight case, which comes with the machine. The rugged case makes the hazer easy to carry and protects it against the rigors of travel.

Compatible with any standard DMX512 controller, the HZ-500 includes on on-board five-pin DMX connector. This enables it to work in tandem with other effects and lighting fixtures to produce an easily coordinated visual show.

The HZ-500 features an LCD timer panel controller. The unit weighs 69.5 lbs. and measures 20”L x 14.75”W x 13.75”H. It should be used only with Antari HZL-1 Haze Liquid.

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