5 Star Makes Cutting Investment


Flight case specialist 5 Star has invested in a new highly specified extrusion cutting saw and an NC measuring length-stop, which have been installed in the cutting department at 5 Star’s Cambridgeshire, UK, headquarters. The systems were purchased from Kettering-based ProSaw Limited.

The new systems include a Kaban AA1020 400mm diameter semi-automatic up-cut profile saw with a plus and minus 20 degree mitre capability and dual pneumatic holding clamps. This will be used primarily when bulk cutting profiles to length, either prior to being fitted on to the case, or before ‘V’ notching by other machinery.

The other purchase is a Pertici ‘Visual RF’ length-stop. This unit has been installed onto an existing GTI Kombimatec ‘V’ notching twin blade saw and will control the position of the ‘vee’ cuts that are required on various hybrid extrusions. The Pertici system was chosen for its reliability, speed and accuracy. It includes an NC (Numeric Code) control together with a high torque AC motor drive. The control also features an RF wireless module, so the system can receive data from external sources, in addition to its RS232 interface.

Phil Bailey, 5 Star’s resident maintenance and site engineer, supervised installation of the new systems at 5 Star’s Wisbech site, which are now running alongside the existing machines. The new purchases bring 5 Star’s cutting department up to a total of four cutting saws, two of which are computer controlled ‘V’ notch devices, together with two up-cut saws. Four length-stops are also installed including two manually operated digital readout systems.

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