Visual Terrain Produces Roland & Rodgers "Organ Power In Concert"

For the fifth consecutive year, Visual Terrain Inc. has successfully produced “Organ Power In Concert” for the Roland Corporation. This event was held at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, CA, on January 17 and 18, 2006. This is the eighth annual production in association with other Roland activities surrounding The NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Traditionally, Organ Power is staged with both live and videotaped performances. This year, set designer Edward Marks added another challenging element to the staging with raised turntables and serpentine ramps, creating intimacy to the expansive stage.

To meet the logistic lighting challenge of a revolving set, a large part of the solution according to lighting director Jeff Ravitz is careful coordination and flexibility. “Our goal was to create an intimate setting for each performer and at the same time anticipate the next mood with a transition that signaled to the audience a musical change without disrupting the mood of the current performance. In one particular situation, we went from festive pinks and blues to the sharp lines and cool regal lighting of a cathedral,” Ravitz explains.

According to Production Manager, Eileen Thomas, this year’s production was a departure from the traditional emphases on presenting new Roland product. “The focus was spotlighting selected Roland instruments by inviting world famous performers, Hector Olivera, Yuri Tachibana, Tony Fenelon, Johnny Rabb, Ludovic Beier and Rosemary Bailey to demonstrate the amazingly diverse capabilities,” comments Thomas.

“This show is particularly demanding as a corporate event, and such a creative challenge. We are fortunate to have assembled an amazing team of professionals who continue to help us reinvent the show experience each year,” remarks Dawn Hollingsworth, technical producer.

The production team included, Audio: ATK AudioTek, Video Production: Norm Levin Productions, Rigging: Kish Rigging, Lighting: ShowPro, Turntable and Ramp supplier: Bill Ferrell, and Scenic construction: Jon Garcia and Furnatex.

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