TarmLED Makes Mercedes Shine Brighter

TarmLED 4x4 highlighted a recent event staged by Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, Germany. The system was installed horizontally above the heads of 400 invited attendees, creating an LED ceiling. At the finale of an approximately two-minute laser performance, the Mercedes symbol appeared in breathtaking brightness on the auditorium’s “LED sky” and bathed its entire interior in a gleaming, unforgettable, closing vision.

Thanks to TarmLED 4x4’s lightweight construction and daisy-chain cabling from module to module using just a single, combined, power and data line, the total weight of the approximately 164- square-foot (50 square-meter) “creative LED-surface,” including all power supplies and processors, could be reduced to around 1,322 lbs (600 kg), which was an essential factor in arranging such a production, due to the limited load-bearing capacities of the existing suspension points. Data transmission from the control panel to the “LED sky” via a fiberoptic cable provided interference-free control over the entire system.

Another criterion for employment of TarmLED 4x4 was its 82% transparency, which allowed it to be installed beneath the auditorium’s sprinkler system without adversely affecting fire protection.

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