Spyder Essential To Webb AV’s Design For Young Living Corporate Meeting

Vista Systems’ Spyder played the Salt Palace Center in Salt Lake City, where it helped Webb Audio Visual Communication deliver exciting, big-screen visuals to a meeting of Young Living Essential Oils’ national distributors. A network marketing company based in Utah, Young Living is the world’s leading producer of therapeutic essential oils.

“The client wanted to do something different and in-your-face so we recommended a big-screen presentation to kick off the meeting, and their in-house production department really bought into the idea,” says Steve Webb of Webb Audio Visual. With the theme “Gold of the Gods,” Webb produced an HD movie with 5.1 surround sound and an ancient Egypt storyline.

With an audience of some 2,500 in attendance, Webb employed three pairs of Barco R12+ projectors, a Stewart 18’x60’ Aeroview 100 screen, and Vista Systems Spyder 344 for the image display.

“What made Spyder so attractive was its ability to display the content’s multiple resolutions: Beta SP and DVCPRO HD video clips and PowerPoint elements,” Webb explains. “What also impressed me was Spyder’s flexibility. It was able to format windows to any configuration you wanted, and you’re not limited to the number of windows you can have in each screen area. You can move images from one screen or another or give a consistent background. And, since Spyder is a second-generation product, it is stable and reliable.”

Fifty-year old Webb Audio Visual is a full-service audio visual, video, sound, and lighting company with extensive experience in live-event staging, video production, set design, lighting design, and audio reinforcement. “Our longevity in this business comes from a commitment to bringing clients creative ideas and innovative products like the Spyder,” says Webb.

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