ShowSys Launches Remote Support Solutions


ShowSys is pleased to announce the launch of Remote Support Solutions, an enhanced maintenance and support service that vastly reduces downtime while lowering costs.

Scott Arnold, founder and CEO of ShowSys, comments, “In order to maintain public appeal, today’s high-tech entertainment industry continues to evolve in sophistication, yet the propensity for a system malfunctioning or failure still remains. The public is less tolerant to problems and critical success will be determined by the systems’ continual smooth operation”.

Arnold, adds, “Calling skilled technicians on site, who then need time to diagnose and understand the problem can be time consuming and costly. Within a completely protected SSL-encrypted environment, Remote Support Solutions is uniquely positioned to monitor the ongoing performance of a system, detect, and alert prior to a system malfunction and has the ability to resolve problems that inevitably occur without the need for numerous site visits. It’s not just problems we fix—we also deliver an expanded range of services, including media management that has the capability to update numerous displays simultaneously through a global network; remote software updates that help keep systems up-to-date; and system back up/restore which provides secure data storage either locally or off site. We have previously deployed these capabilities into several leading entertainment and themed industry sites and the benefits are already apparent.”

With ShowSys’ Remote Support Solutions, technical services departments now have a much easier option in maintaining their performance with this outsourced resource.

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