SGA Helps Ford Field Break Attendance Record With Wrestlemania® Audience Risers

SGA Production Staging, Inc. installed audience risers providing elevated field seating for 7,278 and enabling Detroit’s Ford Field to break their previous all-time attendance record. The official tally for attendance at Wrestlemania 23 was 80,103 fans.

SGA's tiered platforms fit seamlessly inside the contour of the existing seating, providing enhanced sightlines for on-field spectators. SGA also installed the event’s stage and entrance ramp.

"This is an exciting time in the spectator seating and special events industries, and we feel we are uniquely positioned to fill the demand for this premium service,” notess SGA’s president Tom Hilton. “SGA is proud to be associated with Ford Field and WWE in helping to create this spectacular event."

This marks the third time SGA has helped establish an attendance record in Michigan. At the Basketbowl in 2003, 78,129 fans filled Ford Field to see Kentucky win against Michigan State. In 2001, SGA installed a custom ice rink platform for Michigan State University’s Spartan Stadium, which allowed them to set the world record for attendance at a hockey game of 74,544.

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