Robe Lights Miss Slovakia 2008

Over 100 Robe moving lights were at the core of Martin Kubanka’s lighting design for the 2008 final of Miss Universe Slovak Republic, staged recently at the National Tennis Center in Bratislava.

The rig, all supplied by leading Slovakian rental company Q-99, also included 24 Robe ColorMix 575AT fixtures and 26 Robe LEDWash 136LT and LEDWash196 LT blinders.

Kubanka’s brief was to provide a glamorous show—extra special for the 10th anniversary of the Slovakian Miss Universe event—that looked equally as good on camera as it did for the live audience. It was broadcast live on STV 1, Slovakia’s primary TV channel.

The moving lights were hung off a series of trusses in the roof and also spread out across the floor and set which was designed by Michael Kland. Kubanka has used Robe moving lights on most of his recent work, and for him they are his first choice of fixture for their power and reliability.

In the air, positioned on approximately 590 feet of trussing installed for the show, were 40 Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 12 ColorWash 1200E ATs, and 34 ColorSpot 575E ATs, along with 10 LEDWash196 LT blinders, 8-lite blinders, and Source Four PARs.

Floor lighting included 8 each of Robe’s ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs, 24 ColorMix 575 ATs, along with 16 LEDWash 136LT. The floor was under-lit with LED lighting and the front of the set also featured integral LED walls. The side stage scenic columns were up-lit with the 24 Robe ColorMix 575 ATs.

Twelve of the ColorWash 1200E ATs were used for general stage color and atmosphere and as contra-lighting on the contestants. Forty of the ColorSpot 1200E ATs were used to throw graphic effects onto the set and floor and for beam-work during the intros and exits. The 34 ColorSpot 575E ATs were utilized for general over-stage lighting, while the LEDWash 136LTs created block illumination around the edges of the stage.

The show also featured some live performances, one of which was backed by a laser show, requiring special lighting cues and sequences to match.

Kubanka controlled all the lighting from a grandMA console, and also ran media for the LED and video screens from the console’s inbuilt media server and several special effects including smoke and haze, C02 flames and bubble machines.

He comments, “The biggest creative challenge was harmonising the lighting with the scenic design which had some complex colour combinations of red, black and green. I also had to ensure the contestants were softly lit but so they really stood out from the busy backgrounds.” Each of the different elements of the show had its own unique lighting look, “This was very easy to achieve using the Robe’s as they offer so much choice and dynamics,” he says.

Q-99 has continued investing in Robe products over the last 12 months, which has seen the company add more ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs to their inventory along with both types of LED blinders.

Sandra Manakova was crowned Miss Universe Slovakia 2008, and will represent the country in the July final to be held in Vietnam.

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