PRG Adds Dazzle To New York Fashion Week

PRG’s proprietary Mbox Extreme™ media server and Virtuoso® DX2 lighting console helped renowned international lighting designers jkld inc. create a dramatic, high velocity showcase for adidas’ Y-3 line of athletic wear at New York City’s recent Fall Fashion Week.

“It is exciting to collaborate with outstanding designers on an event of this quality,” says Jere Harris, founder and chairman of PRG. “The fact that we were able to provide creative solutions with our proprietary products makes the work all that much more gratifying.”

Staged on the basketball court at Manhattan’s Hunter College, the Y-3 event featured a raised U-shaped runway, with the audience seated on bleachers alongside the runway. Colors chased along the inside and outside edges of the runway through borders of Versa™ Tubes, matching the beat of the music and the color themes of each segments. Three additional rows of tubes on the inside wall of the runway, suggesting the three parallel stripes that identify the adidas brand, played similar color sequences.

PRG provided video to the tubes using four Mbox Extreme servers programmed with the Virtuoso DX2 lighting control desk. “That saved a tremendous amount of time,” explains Matt Corke, proprietary product specialist for PRG. “Instead of having to spend hours laboriously writing cues to control all those individual VersaTubes, we were able to get far superior results in less time with the Mbox Extreme.”

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