More From Infocomm, Part 2

Sifting through additional notes, press releases, business cards, and the like, here are a few more products we saw at Infocomm, for a sort of ongoing show report…

Another of the Harman companies, BSS Audio™, introduced the Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) card, designed specifically for Soundweb™ London digital signal processors to card complements the analog and digital, input and output, card options, extending the system’s capabilities into teleconferencing applications. BSS also added a BLU-BOB output expander with eight analog audio outputs on standard terminal block connectors and the 256-channel, low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus, also found on the BLU-800, BLU-320, BLU-160 and BLU-120 devices.

Musion Systems teamed up with US-based licensed reseller of Eyeliner Illusio Technologies Inc. and technology partners Christie Digital, MASERGY, AV Concepts, and HaiVision to demo the interactive transmission of live, interactive 3D holograms known as Musion Live Stage telepresence. The result, similar to a Pepper's Ghost effect, featured presenters and entertainers communicating face-to-face in realtime from London and Montreal with the visitors in Orlando. Christie Roadster HD18K DLP® projectors were used with a Vista Systems’ Spyder, and Musion’s Eyeliner® technology produced the life-size, moving 3D holograms that the companies involved claim are the largest live 3D holographic displays to date.

Christie also showed several new products, including two new models of the Spyder X20 video processor that add internal processing with a digital touring matrix onboard. With 16 input channels and eight out, it provides dedicated source monitoring for up to all 16 inputs. The interface and control platform is that same as previous Spyder models, so these new models will play nicely with the previous versions. As for projectors, the company is putting out two new 1-chip DLP® projectors, the 6,500-lumen DHD700 and 7,500-lumen Christie DS+750 for medium to large venues, with a contrast ratio of up to 7500:1 with Dynamic Black™, 10-bit image processing with DNX™ Pixel Works™ video processing, and improved image reproduction with reduced noise and superior decoding, de-interlacing and scaling of video sources.

Analog Way released a new seamless switcher, Opus, a multi-layer hi-res mixer seamless switcher with three scalers, universal analog, and digital input/output and full high resolution digital processing. It features several live effects including keying and moving PIP as well as two operation modes of multi-layer mixer and 12x2 seamless sync matrix. Orchestra, another new offering from the company, is an ergonomic remote controller that can manage several switchers independently or simultaneously, either standalone boxes or in any combination, including soft-edge blending.

Clear-Com showed Clear-Com Concert™ Version 2.0, a software-based product that allows users on a traditional Eclipse digital matrix system to communicate over a single network via the Internet, local area network (LAN), or wide area network (WAN). The company also showed the Tempest®2400 wireless intercom system that operates in a license-free frequency band.

Audio-Technica exhibited its smallest lavalier to date, the BP896 MicroPoint™ Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone, a lav version of the BP892 headworn mic. Pretty darned tiny, the capsule diameter measures 2.5mm. It operates on phantom power, comes with a complete accessory kit, and is available in black and beige wired and wireless models.

Barbizon Lighting was showing two new GE products: a 7W LED PAR20 lamp and a 10W LED PAR30 lamp. Additional products on display from the distributor included: Zylight’s Intelligent Studio 3 with 22 ultra bright LEDs, each consisting of a red, green, blue, and amber diode chips; the SeaChanger Nemo, the first ETC Source Four compatible color engine with a LIFI plasma source that delivers 10,000 lumens over 300W of power; the SeaChanger ColorBug handheld wireless device for testing CIE color color and luminance in theatrical and other applications.

Barbizon also distributes Rescue Tape, who was also exhibiting separately its mega-strong self-fusing silicone tape. This stuff fuses to itself and resists up to 500˚F, 700 psi and 8,000V per layer, and is air tight and waterproof.

More to come later in the week on Infocomm exhibits.

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