Medialon Serves Up Winning Combination At World Soft Tennis Championship

Medialon Manager v4 Pro scored last September at the Opening Ceremony of the 13th World Soft Tennis Championship in Anseong, South Korea where it controlled sound, video, and special effects in a three-minute multimedia show.

The six-day tournament was hosted by the International Soft Tennis Federation, which welcomed players from 40 countries. Soft tennis is a fast-moving racquet sport, played in singles and doubles matches, primarily in Asia.It features a rubber ball, which is filled with air and is quite soft; but it can be hit extremely hard which makes for exciting game play.

“It’s common to use show-control systems in other countries, but this was one of the first times a show-control system was used in Korea,” notes Kye Ok Joo, assistant manager of Worldpower Enterprise, a Medialon South Korean reseller whose digi-Q division handled the project. “So we needed Medialon’s wide experience and support.”

The multimedia show at the end of the opening of The World Soft Tennis Championship required a complement of Medialon equipment, which included a Show Control Machine with a Manager V4 Pro.

Medialon was charged with playing the background music during the multimedia show and sending timecode to synchronize the show control and the pyro console so the fireworks could be choreographed to the music. Medialon interacted with a Martin W8LC system and MIDAS XL200 console on the audio side; a Barco Dual 200-inch LED screen, Folsom Image pro HD converter and Edirol SEG-2550 switcher on the video side; plus a Pyro Digital console.

Medialon was playing all the background music of official ceremony, sending timecode to the pyro console and playing sound and video for the three-minute multimedia show in finale.

Medialon Manager offers a unique interface to program-synchronized shows with a Timeline metaphor on which cues are positioned. The cues are played back frame accurately with reference to internal or external sync source. The timeline makes overview and changes in the show programming very “visual” and allows fast, easy, and accurate changes.

Additionally, Medialon Manager is one of the only show-control software releases to embed both linear and logical programming. Logical programming allows for dealing with unpredictable situations that often happen in live shows.

“Medialon was the best choice for the very complex direction required by the show,” says Kye Ok Joo. “Medialon Manager, thanks to its timeline, can control several systems at nearly 1/100 second of time at the same time.”

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